This Nonprofit Is Fighting Global Injustice Using Scarves


The Unity Closet, an organization tackling social and political issues worldwide, is an embodiment of fashion with a purpose. By selling one simple product, scarves, they generate money and awareness for problems like domestic violence, deforestation, and child trafficking.

The founder, Ashika Kalra, 22, graduated from New York University’s Stern School of Business, immediately dreaming up ways to change the world. After weighing an interest in nonprofits against a knowledge of their struggles to stay afloat, The Unity Closet launched in 2014. 

The global scope was paramount from the beginning. Though scarves are the only product, they come in a range of designs, representative of various international issues. The designers, hailing from Brazil to India, each bring a different style reflective of their cultural background. With a pure silk scarf as the canvas, they combine a knack for creativity with a passion for philanthropy.

You are Beautiful Product Image_2.jpg
The “You Are Beautiful” scarf, which promotes a women’s health and wellness campaign.
Water Scarcity Image 2.jpg
The “A Splash of Hope” scarf, which draws attention to the global water crisis.











“Our goal is to revitalize charitable giving by offering our consumers a meaningful product- one that shares a global story and provides an opportunity to give back,” says Kalra. “We aspire to utilize the global outburst of social networking in a new manner.”

This year, the Unity Closet has a collection dedicated to education in light of their new partnership with BuildOn, a nonprofit that builds schools in developing countries, with the goal of constructing a primary school in Nepal. They are already working with the Nepalese government and construction companies in the community.

“A Whimsical Journey” scarf, with floating books symbolizing the liberation knowledge provides.

The website provides a mission statement, a closer look at the team members, and even tips on how to style the scarves. When The Unity Closet social media isn’t posting photos of young women modeling the products, they’re sharing messages and quotes that keep them inspired.

The Unity Closet hopes to empower others to make a difference, to help those impoverished and marginalized. Coming together means not only sharing styles, but establishing a global network of enduring support and action against injustice.

*photo courtesy of Melanie Delgado


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